BOB-CAT Main Website: BOB-CAT Website

BOB-CAT Product Registration (Must login after going to site): Registration Link

BOB-CAT Warranty (Must login after going to site): Warranty Link

Step-by-Step Instructions on Warranty Process:

Accessing WarrantySmartTM

Open your Internet browser and type in Then type in your USER ID

and Password, set up by Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.

Click “Warranty Smart” from the left navigation bar.

Click the “Go to Warranty Smart” button after reviewing the information.

You will be re-directed to the WarrantySmartTM system

Register a Product

Click the last icon in the first line, the “Product Registration” icon.

Click the “Product Registration Wizard” link.

Type the serial number of the unit in the Serial Number field and click “Search”.

When found, the unit will be listed highlighted in red. If multiple units are found, click the serial number to highlight the unit. Click the “Next” button.

The “Registration Information” screen appears. Complete the fields accordingly.

NOTE: If the “Warranty Period” field is empty, please contact technical support by e- mailing Please include the serial number and itemnumber in your request.

The “Dealer” information screen appears. Answer the questions accordingly. Click the “Next” button after you have completed answering each question.

The “Owner” information screen appears. Choose to either search for an owner already set up or create a new owner.

Click the “Next” button after answering the question.

Creating a New Owner

When creating a new owner, complete all required fields on the “Owner Information” screen. Click the “Next” button after you have completed filling in the necessary fields.

Creating a New Owner (Cont.)

Enter any pertinent notes for the registration. Click the “Next” button.

Finishing the Registration Process

On the final screen, be sure to review all information with the customer and check the appropriate boxes to designate that the information has been reviewed.

Finishing the Registration Process (Cont.) Click the “Finish” button.

On this screen you can print a copy of the registration form, view additional details, and open a claim against the unit.

The registration will be submitted to the manufacturer for approval.