BigDog Mowers - New sponsorship and marketing partnerships

Post date: Mar 25, 2015 6:25:25 PM


ig Dog Mower Co. team is pleased to announce our recent marketing developments to building the Big Dog brand.

Big Dog Mower Co. is now the proud sponsor of the television series’ “Backwoods Life” and “Sporting Dog Adventures” that will run for this year.

You may also have noticed that we have grown our Facebook Fan Page to over 3,000 likes by targeting our key demographics through Facebook Ads and boosting certain posts. We’ve boosted our Dealer Spotlight posts targeting their 50 mile radius area from their city. Encourage our dealers to contact Lindsay to run a spotlight for them and generate some digital ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ through Facebook. Our BigDog of the Week post is proving to be a popular post as well.“Backwoods Life” is the fastest growing outdoor hunting television series in the industry. Their cast resides in Florida, Georgia and Kentucky. The show captures the outdoor lifestyle ranging from the beginner to the experienced hunters. We share their vision for supporting USA companies and products as well as promoting the outdoor lifestyle that we’ve identified as a key demographic for our outdoor power industry. (Details are in attached pdf)

Where Backwoods Life stands out from all the other outdoor channels is that they have a profound online presence through YouTube, Facebook(316,300+ likes), Twitter (128,000+ followers), online TV network platforms (Carbon TV,, Demand The Outdoors) and blogs (Outdoor Hub) .

We’re also sponsoring “Sporting Dog Adventures” presented by Cabela’s, a reputable television show that features a pair of Labrador Retrievers as the stars of their show. The focus is not limited to dogs but covers hunting tips for hunters as well. The main cast is Jeff Fuller and his family out of Wisconsin. Jeff is a retired Muskego police officer who own a dog kennel called Soggy Acres Labrador Retrievers and he is a hunting enthusiast. The show shares our values with their theme of creating a family entertainment program rather than the shock value theme you may see from other outdoor shows. Jeff and his wife hunt with their 3 sons and their dogs going on their 5th season. The theme and the professionalism of this show earned a sponsorship from Cabela’s which we acknowledge to be a powerful brand that validates great potential for the show.

Sporting Dog Adventures are focused on growing their online presence as well through Facebook (98,000+ likes) and Twitter (66,800+ followers) as well as different online TV network platforms. Their show is primarily aired in the USA as well as in Canada and New Zealand. (Details are in attached pdf)

We are excited to sponsor “Backwoods Life” and “Sporting Dog Adventures” as a part of our overall strategy for building the Big Dog brand. – Big Dog Mower Co. Marketing Team