Bobcat - NEW 12 Bushel “BOSS-Vac™ Pro” Collection System

Post date: Mar 31, 2014 4:19:23 PM

Introducing the NEW BOB-CAT 12 Bushel “BOSS-Vac™ Pro” Collection Systems…

The NEW and REDESIGNED BOB-CAT 12 Bushel “BOSS-Vac™ Pro” for the ProCat and

Predator-Pro mowers was developed and designed with the BOB-CAT quality and style in mind. Available in two models,

either a Dump From Seat (DFS) or a 3-Bag model. The new lines of collection systems provide improvements

in performance, durability and usage.

Ease of Use –

The new “BOSS-Vac™ Pro” has a new front counter weight system which utilizes suitcase weights. This design puts

the weight where it is most effective without blocking your sight line to the front of the deck. This new design also allows for the weights to easily be removed without the use of tools.

Performance –

The new BOB-CAT 12 Bushel “BOSS-Vac™ Pro” has a large 15.31” diameter blower fan with 6” wide blades to move some serious debris quickly. This along with the oversized air vent hood allows high volume of air and debris to enter the collection system while providing plenty of area to exhaust the air.

Durability –

The new “BOSS-Vac™ Pro” collection system is designed like the BOB-CAT mowers: strong, tough and easy to use. The mounting hitch easily attaches to the rear bumper without the need to drill any holes. The blower assembly has a large steel fan that can take the abuse of debris pick-up. This is all backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

BOSS-Vac™ Pro Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the capacity of the BOSS-Vac™ Pro?

– The BOSS-Vac™ Pro has a 12-bushel capacity

• Is there a DFS and a bag system?

– Yes, the BOSS-Vac™ Pro is available in a DFS system or a bag system.

• What does DFS stand for?

– DFS stands for Dump From Seat. The operator can empty the collection system from the comfort of the operator’s seat.

• Is the DFS system manual or electric?

– The DFS system dumps using electrical actuators, it is not a manual dump system.

• How does the DFS system work?

– The DFS system uses a patent pending double hinge ‘Lift-Pivot-Dump’ system to dump the debris from the collection system. This system dumps within its own footprint, which means you can back up to a wall and dump the collection system without hitting the wall.

• How long does it take to fully open the DFS system?

– 12 seconds, from close to open

• How many bags are on the bag system?

– The BOSS-Vac™ Pro bag model has 3 bags.

• What type of material are the bags made from?

– The bags are made from 100% polyester fiber (400± 10g/m²). The back panels are made from PVC to prevent blowback into the operator

• How long does it take to initially install the collection system?

– It will take 1 hour to install the collection system unto the mower.

• What is the time required to remove the collection system if I don’t want to collect?

– It will take 15 minutes to remove the collection system if you want to mow without


• Why do I have to order two item numbers when I order a collection system?

– The size of the mower deck determines which Deck Kit you need to order and then you also need to order a DFS or 3-Bag system.