NEW Classen TA18 Steerable Compact Aerator Classen

Post date: Feb 16, 2016 7:38:13 PM

NEW Classen TA18 Steerable Compact Aerator Classen is excited to introduce the new TA18 Steerable Compact Aerator.

This new unit is the most compact aerator in its class.

It features a compact body, extra tine banks and ergonomic weights which make it highly productive for homeowners and landscapers since it can easily maneuver through tight spaces.

Benefits of the new Classen TA18 Compact Aerator:

  • Most Compact aerator in its class.
  • Smallest footprint in a truck, SUV, trailer or vac.
  • More Portable than most, with the lowest folded handle height, narrowest unit width and shortest unit length.
  • Highest quality of Core with up to 15% more holes per square foot due to narrower tine spacing.
  • More Maneuverable with a steerable tine shaft design with five (5) banks of tines for increased productivity and reduced operator fatigue.
  • Simple, Intuitive Design with ergonomic and comfortable padded handles, easy to reach tine engagement bail.