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Tell SALESPERSON you want to trim like a pro with the RedMax® TRZ230S! It's the most trusted trimmer by professionals and homeowners who want to trim like one. Light-weight, easy to use, and powerful! Features the patented Strato-Charged engine famous for rapid acceleration and amazing torque. Get one now at DEALER in TOWN!

This is it! The industry's most powerful backpack blower. The RedMax® EBZ8560 blows away the competition with 1,000 CFM and 220-mph. Wet leaves and debris don't stand a chance when you're locked and loaded with the RedMax EBZ8560. See SALESPERSON at DEALERSHIP in TOWN and then hang on!

The choice of the pros is also the core of the RedMax® commercial trimmer line-up. The BCZ260TS at DEALER is a powerful 1.27 hp trimmer that only weighs 10.8 pounds. Powered by Strato-Charged® engines famous for instant torque and rapid acceleration. Come see SALESPERSON and get one!

What's the secret to the Power of RedMax® trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws? It's the patented Strato-Charged engine. With every squeeze of the trigger, you get instant power, rapid acceleration, and amazing torque. No wonder it's the choice of the pros! Tell SALESPERSON at DEALERSHIP you want the Power of RedMax in your hands!

The RedMax PSTZ260S is the longest-reaching Telescoping Pole Saw in the industry. 16-feet! Excellent ergonomics, superior balance, plus it's the lightest in its class. Powered by Strato-Charged® engines, famous for rapid acceleration, power, and amazing torque. If you're a landscape professional, see SALESPERSON here at DEALER and get one!  

Get a 5-year, worry-free warranty on your new, RedMax® handheld power tools at DEALER. Just purchase a tough, tenacious RedMax blower, trimmer, or chainsaw, and one gallon of RedMax pre-mix fuel and SALESPERSON will extend your warranty from 2 to 5-years. It's that easy! 

Got leaves? They're gone fast when you discover the power of RedMax® blowers, from lightweight yet powerful handhelds to the most powerful backpack blower in the industry, the RedMax EBZ8560! Come to DEALER in TOWN! and discover the choice of the pros so that your leaves are GONE! 

Fall cleanup the old way is hard! Why not upgrade to the new Redmax HB281 is the ideal blower for high performance and durability. The HB281 handheld blower features a 28.0 cc, 1.1 horsepower engine with a maximum air speed of 170 mph.

Fall leaves stand back! Redmax is all the power you need!

Commercial Mowers

Discover the full-commercial power of RedMax® CZTx zero-turns at DEALER in TOWN. Every component, every aspect, is designed for the pro. From the Kawasaki® FX series engine, best Hydro-Gear® ZT5400 transmission, and premium suspension seat, to an unbeatable 2-year unlimited-hour warranty, CZTx delivers! See SALESPERSON and get the Power of RedMax! 

Ready to mow like a pro? Then the RedMax® CZTE is for you! Imagine, 10-mph ground speed, Kawasaki® engine, a pro-grade transmission, plus productive decks up to 60-inches, all at a powerful and affordable price. Perfect for part-time professionals or full-time homeowners with lots to cut. Come to DEALER in TOWN and save!

Seeing is believing, and when you discover the all-new Greenworks® residential 42-inch Zero-Turn mower at DEALER in TOWN, you'll believe it too! It's fast, quiet, and powerful. Features 8-mph ground speed, cuts up to 2-acres on a charge, plus the interchangeable 82V batteries make it easy to add on a blower, trimmer, and edger.

If you're a stand-on pro, then you probably know how to go it alone. That's why RedMax® is combining their powerful and productive CVT mowers with this exciting Fleet-of-One program. Now you can save like the big boys on new RedMax equipment including zero-turn mowers, blowers, and trimmers. See SALESPERSON at DEALER for the details.

Now you can mow like a pro with the choice of the pros, RedMax® and DEALER in TOWN! From the RedMax RZT42 at an easy-to-own residential price to the massive RZT61x loaded with commercial features, you'll love the Kawasaki® engine, the speed, and the beauty these amazing mowers bring to your home, so don't wait! Tell SALESPERSON you want to mow like a pro with RedMax!

With the power of RedMax® and DEALER, you can take control of any job! From versatile and multi-functional lawn tractors to residential, stand-on, and full-commercial zero-turns, SALESPERSON will have a tough, tenacious, Kawasaki® powered mower perfect for your home or business!


Ready for fleet discounts? DEALER in TOWN has 'em! Discover this powerful RedMax® program that kicks in with a threshold of only 6-points. What's a point? Ask SALESPERSON. How do you get 6? A zero-turn, trimmer, and blower. EASY! Plus you can earn more points when you buy more with savings of up to 20%! 

RedMax® blowers, trimmers, and chainsaws are trusted by the pros, and now RedMax makes a full line of tough and tenacious commercial mowers featuring Kawasaki engines, heavy-duty frames, and durable steel decks built to last! See SALESPERSON at DEALER. With RedMax full commercial mowers, we have all the power you need!

If you depend on RedMax® commercial trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws, you're gonna love the awesome new line of RedMax CZT zero-turn mowers now at DEALER in TOWN. Features Kawasaki® engines, pro-grade transmissions, plus heavy-duty frames built for years to come. See SALESPERSON and discover the power of RedMax! 

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